Connect with a community that is passionate about our cause.

Employees of transportation industry companies ‘get’ the dream of a young person who wants to pursue a technical education and career. This turnkey ‘fun’draising campaign encourages employee teamwork and friendly competition, all for a good cause.

With your donation, TechForce Foundation provides emergency relief cash grants and campus food pantry supplies to a deserving student, struggling when “life happens.”

Contact us if you’d like to engage your employees in the effort to raise funds for financially-struggling students to realize their dreams and complete their post-secondary technical education.

Help Veterans Get Their Next Career Motoring!

Supporting TechForce Foundation through the CFC Helps Veterans Earn Training for Civilian Careers

Through your CFC contribution – you can invest in technical & vocation education, and help veterans pursue their dream of working in the transportation service industry.

TechForce Foundation, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3), is listed among Federal Combined Campaign (CFC) National/ International Independent agencies, number 70172. All CFC donations to TechForce Foundation provide financial support for veterans to get to and through their post-secondary technical education and into careers. One hundred percent of all money raised directly benefits veterans.

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Meet a Veteran Technician Recipient

Meet Kimberly, a U.S. Navy veteran who is a TechForce Foundation award recipient. Kimberly completed her post-secondary education at the UTI-Avondale campus, specializing in Cummins engines, and now works for Cummins in South Dakota.