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When Techs Rock, America Rolls.℠

Watch: “What would you tell the younger you?”

The Challenge:

  • The transportation industry has a critical, on-going shortage of trained technicians to fulfill the workforce demand;
  • Youth, parents and influencers today do not perceive being a technician or pursuing a technical career in the transportation industry as a desirable pathway due to outdated image and misperceptions;
  • More scholarships and grants are needed to support students to and through their technical education, producing more graduates who are trained and ready to work.

The Solution:

Spearhead an industry-wide alliance to implement a multi-year, multi-faceted campaign to address and solve the technician pipeline challenge.

FutureTech Success is a multi-faceted, industry-wide campaign to fuel the future pipeline of transportation technicians by repositioning the image of the profession, giving middle- and high-school students, parents and influencers the tools to recognize and foster tactile intelligence, and providing scholarships and grants to help students complete their technical education.

Driving Tomorrow’s Workforce of Technicians

There’s a tech shortage in the transportation industry.  It doesn’t matter if you’re talking automotive, trucking, diesel, aftermarket, motorcycle, marine, collision repair — you name it, we’re all struggling to find trained, professional technicians.

As an industry, and as parents or people who “get these kids”, we need to do more to show young people who love taking things apart, putting them back together, and making things go—that there’s a profession right in their hands.

The campaign will deliver an arsenal of videos and social media tools to reposition the outdated grease monkey stereotype. It brings back after school and summer activities where kids can experience vehicle technology and how it relates to science, engineering, math, and careers. It reinforces CTE education and breathes life into high school auto shop programs. And most importantly, it will identify, gather and package the vast resources hidden throughout the nooks and crannies of the industry, and present them in a simply way for parents and future techs to find and leverage.

Will you be part of the solution?

We’re looking for 15 “early adopter” companies at $50,000 each to provide the seed money to jump start this effort. We currently have 7 and need 8 more. Thank you to our early adopters and visionaries:  Advance Auto Parts, Bridgestone Retail Operations, General Motors, Nissan North America, Shell Lubricants, Snap-on, and Universal Technical Institute.  We also invite small businesses to contribute to the campaign by donating between $5,000-$10,000. The tech shortage affect everyone’s bottom line, so investing in the solution is something we need everyone to do.

If your company is visionary and sees both the need for future techs and recognizes the marketing and positioning opportunities of a campaign like this, please download a brochure and contact us to craft a win/win strategic alliance. Together, we can do this.

When Techs Rock, America Rolls.℠

Jennifer L. Maher, Executive Director  |  Greg Settle, Director National Initiatives
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Discussing a Solution to the Technician Shortage

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