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You’ve come to the right place to begin applying for scholarship & grant awards, made possible by contributions from the Foundation’s generous donors and corporate sponsors.

MESSAGE:    If you are unable to login, this likely means one of three things: 1) you haven’t submitted your Authorization Release; 2)  You have submitted it but it takes 2-business days to process and you may still be in the queue for processing; or 3) you’re not using the correct email address on file with your school and you should see your school representative.

Submit this completed Authorization Form and wait 2 business days for processing. Only then will you be able to Sign-Up/Sign-In our system to apply for scholarships & grants!

1. Print this form.

2. Complete, sign, scan/take a photo of the form.

3. Email the scan or photo to:

4. Wait 2 full business days after  the day you email the form before you Sign Up and begin applying. (We need time for your school to verify your information release form which enables you to Sign Up for an account in our system.)

After waiting 2 business days, you’re now ready to Sign Up and begin applying for scholarships & grants!

View this video for tips on applying:

UTI, MMI & NASCAR Tech Students Apply Here
Coming Soon! All Other Technical School Students

3 Things to Know:

TechForce Foundation is separate from any technical school.

The Foundation is a sole & separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The Foundation’s scholarship & grant program has its own qualifications and autonomous review/decision process. No one can make assurances or award offers other than the Foundation through its official, online application portal.

Complete the General Application, and then apply to Recommended Opportunities.

Step 1:   Complete General Application (make sure it reads “Complete” and not “Drafted”)

Step 2: Hover over Opportunities, and select “Recommended” from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Read Recommended Opportunities descriptions. Apply to any you’re qualified for.  You MUST “Apply To” at least one of the Recommended Opportunities to be considered for any of the donor awards that roll up under those umbrella opportunities.

New cycles open and close constantly throughout the year, so if you don’t get selected for an award, keep applying to new Recommended Opportunity pools. Keep your info in your General App current (Maybe your attendance or GPA has changed, or you’ve saved more than you had last time–it may make a difference!) and keep applying to new pools of Recommended Opportunities.  Donor funds don’t grow on trees, so you have to put forth a little effort!

Award offers are sent via email;  You must “Accept” to receive the award.

Imagine, you apply to the Foundation, and get picked for an award. We send the ‘award offer’ to you via email.  (The Foundation no longer mails letters!). But you don’t check your Inbox or sign in to your online dashboard, so you never officially click the “Accept” button… The system assumes you’ve moved to Greenland. After 14-days of no response, the award is officially revoked and offered to someone else. Please, check your Inbox and/or sign in around decision days!