A Hand Up to Students during a Time of Need

Make a specific impact in the career of a student. The following are examples of how your donation benefits an individual.

Tuition Support


Any amount donated to help a student with tuition support is greatly appreciated. Just imagine the impact you can make on a student by helping them out with their tuition costs.
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Moving Expenses


Donating funds to help a student with their moving expenses can help with the burden of relocating to attend school. Your efforts to support these students goes a long way.
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Food Pantry Supplies


Your donations towards the student food pantry will help provide students with food and necessity options when their budgets run out and they need a little support to get some food.
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Emergency Utility Bill


Your donation can be applied towards helping a student pay an emergency utilitly bill so that they can keep the electricity on and ensure their ability to stay focused on school.
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Emergency Rent


It’s not uncommon to learn that a student has been evicted and is now living in his car. Don’t let this happen. Support the Foundation’s ability to make emergency grants to keep students in safe housing.

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Books & Tools


A student typically spends about $200 to purchase the tools, volt meter, safety glasses, uniform, books and supplies needed to start school. Help students get off to a strong start by helping with this upfront need.
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Child Care


Some students are also parents, and struggle to find safe, affordable child care for their infants and toddlers while at work and school. Provide much needed support to both a dedicated, hard-working student and his/her child.
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Holiday Visit Home


Help a student make it home for the holidays. Most students simply don’t have the funds available to return home during breaks, but you can change that for one special family.
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