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08, Nov08, Nov

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Scottsdale, AZ — Julia Landauer, NASCAR powerhouse, female racer and advocate for women in S.T.E.M., has signed on as an official partner of TechForce Foundation and its FutureTech Success™ campaign. This industry-wide initiative aims to [...]

06, Nov06, Nov

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Previously, BLS projections showed an average annual new entrant demand of 23,720 auto technicians for the 2014-2024 period. TechForce’s report has revised that number to show demand for 75,900 for the 2016-2026 decade. The demand [...]

03, Nov03, Nov

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You don’t have to limit yourself to scholarships available through UTI. There are plenty of organizations out there looking to connect students like you with scholarship money for your technician training. Find out what local [...]

16, Oct16, Oct

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For years, society has pushed that a university education is the only path to a successful career. This messaging steered students away from exploring trade careers—such as automotive technicians and electricians—leaving most to view these [...]