Careers of Choice.

When it comes to education, one size does not fit all. For too long, we’ve accepted as truth that a college degree is the only way to get ahead and we’ve overlooked the gifts, talents and significant contributions of students who don’t fit the four-year mold. For students who are mechanically minded, and learn best when they’re in action, a quality technical or vocational education can be the path to success. These hands-on heroes deserve an education that matches their unique talents, and owe it to them to support the technical and vocational schools that teach the way they learn.

Mind the Gap.

The transportation industry is booming and becoming more technologically advanced each day. Ask any employer of technicians, and you’ll hear their woes regarding the shortfall of skilled labor, not enough trained technicians to fill their demand, and serious competition in recruiting talent. TechForce Foundation minds this gap, and strives to inspire and support those wanting to pursue careers in this industry. Those choosing this path are enjoying plentiful, well-paying jobs and career advancement opportunities.

High-tech training for high-tech careers.

It’s time to shatter the old myths about vocational education and the skilled trades. Today’s cars have more computing power than the system that guided Apollo astronauts to the moon. Modern technicians spend as much time in front of a computer as they do under a hood.

These jobs require people with tactile intelligence, education and interest in S.T.E.M.-related training. They need strong technology expertise and diagnostic and problem-solving skills. It’s no longer simply about wrenches and oil. It’s a world filled with advanced equipment and technology, and it requires technicians with sophisticated, high-tech training.

Students need support.

As students work toward their dreams, they have rent and utilities to pay, transportation costs to get to campus, food, child care and other bills. Many have families. It’s a lot to handle when trying to focus on excellent attendance and grades, all the while typically trying to hold down a part-time job. Sometimes ‘life happens’ and there’s just not enough money to bridge the divide. The Foundation strives to be a support mechanism to help students get to and stay in school, and succeed in earning their degree, and fill the jobs that are out there for them when they graduate.