TechForce Foundation encourages and supports students to and through their technical education, and into careers in the AUTOMOTIVE, DIESEL, COLLISION REPAIR, MOTORCYCLE, MARINE, NASCAR and other transportation industries through SCHOLARSHIPS, GRANTS, CAREER DEVELOPMENT and other special programs.

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Inspiring the Next Generation

We aspire to nurture an environment and societal perception that celebrates,respects and encourages the gifted skills of those wishing to pursue a technical career in the transportation industry.

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Supporting the Next Generation

We provide funding, in-kind resources and other forms of support to help students pursue and successfully achieve a technical education and career.

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Connecting the Next Generation

We serve as a connector, providing a community and dialogue around which technicians, students, alumni, employers, donors and corporate sponsors can champion the cause for future generations.

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Student Testimonials

“I am applying for this hardship grant because my roommate
left suddenly without telling me, leaving me with all the bills. Since my name is on the lease, I am trying to fulfill my obligations. I am a disabled vet, living on a fixed income. I simply don’t have the savings to cover his portion too. I have found a new roommate who will move in next month, but need support in bridging the gap as I finish my schooling. I could use this hardship grant to bridge the gap.””
“My “job” has been finishing up high school and helping take care of my family. To raise as much money as I could, I have been working a series of odd jobs for neighbors and my parent’s friends. Al told, I have saved $500. Also, my parents are setting up a bake sale and raffles to help raise money for me to be able to move and settle in a new state and a new home. I’m hoping to raise another $250, bringing my savings up to $750. A matching-grant from the UTI Foundation would allow me to make the move to Pennsylvania, so I can make the next step towards becoming a master mechanic.”
““I will be traveling 702 miles to attend the NASCAR Institute. Since I decided to attend school, I have been working non-stop, sometimes seven days a week to save money. Along with a full time job, I have hauled scrap metal, cut firewood and mowed lawns. I will have five hundred dollars saved for my traveling expenses. The relocation grant money would help me to make the move, settle into an apartment, and look for a job while going to school. I could focus better on school and wouldn’t be as stressed knowing that I have something to rely on, without depleting my whole savings, while I move to a place far from home.”

Headlight News

17, Apr17, Apr

The Technician Roadtrip Begins

17, Apr|0 Comments

(Scottsdale, Arizona) – April 17, 2017 TechForce Foundation and Universal Technical Institute, Inc. are proud to announce the launch of our Technicians’ Roadtrip, which launched on Sunday, April 16, 2017. You can follow the roadtrip at, meet the technician “roadtrippers,” and follow their journey.

The actual roadtrip and filming is happening now, and throughout this summer, the footage will be produced for the final PBS show, as well as […]

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