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Auto Careers If You Don’t Enjoy College

Times Have Changed From a young age, many of us are taught that we must go to a four-year university and earn a degree right out of high school. It’s a belief that has filled the heads of American families for years. Today, students and their parents are now wanting to stay an additional four

Keep Learning… #Because I’m a Tech

Rising Technicians, a Tip for Success: Keep Learning by Scott Miller, President & CEO, Interstate Batteries   The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the United States needs at least 120,000 new transportation technicians each year just to meet demand.   The automotive aftermarket is a $277B industry, growing since 2010 and predicted to continue. It’s

I Experienced my Dream Career Because I’m a Tech

  I Experienced my Dream Career #BecauseImaTech   By Greg Settle   I have been able to do many great things in life because I am a technician. I pursued a profession which played to my innate abilities and passion, and because I’m a tech, I have had a long, successful and impactful career. That

Solving the Auto Industry’s Technician Shortage

How It’s Happening Since 2013, the automotive industry has seen a severe shortage of auto technicians. Although the shortage has been on-going, it’s become a lot more prevalent. The biggest concern has been the introduction of new technicians into the industry. Although the technicians have been moving from business to business, it hasn’t collectively contributed

Technician Shortage Crisis… Industry Must Help Close the Gap

  Technician Shortage Crisis… Industry Must Help Close the Gap Guest Contributor: Steven Coyle, Ed.D.   It is no secret that the transportation industry is in dire need of technicians.  The demand is greater than it has ever been before and the situation is only getting worse.  Up to this point, industry has tried to

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